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Thailand Organic Low Sugar Brown Rice 泰國有機減糖糙米 1kg

Thailand Organic Low Sugar Brown Rice 泰國有機減糖糙米 1kg

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The three colors combine organic jasmine rice, red brown rice and black brown rice, 30% of which are germinated rice. Organic tri-color brown rice is low in sugar, especially suitable for people who are concerned about blood sugar. Organic Tri-Color Brown Rice also contains a range of B vitamins, plus dietary fiber, protein and minerals. In addition to having high nutritional value, it also has a unique aroma and taste.
Germinated rice with GABA substance is an essential nutrient for enhancing health. Sprouted rice offers more nutrients, great taste, better texture and is easier to cook.
Product of Thailand


有機減糖糙米 1kg (免浸)

有機糙米含有身體必須的五大營養素, 遠遠超過白米,高纖維食品有助控制體重,對消化系統有益,並能減輕便秘問題。同時也有助減少新陳代謝引致的問題。
👙 促進排便,有助瘦身
🚫不含麩質 (Gluten Free)、不易引起過敏


原產地: 泰國🇹🇭

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