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TENNO HAIGA RICE / 御皇胚芽米 - 2kg

TENNO HAIGA RICE / 御皇胚芽米 - 2kg

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Q   度 / SOFTNESS :★★★☆☆ 

香   氣 / AROMA:★★★★★

黏   度 / VISCOSITY:★★★★★ 

顆粒度 / GRAININESS:★★★★☆

【食用口感 / TASTE】


Haiga rice is full of great nutrients and fiber.  It holds moisture well and has a full rice bran aroma when cooked.  It doesn't have the dry flavor that traditional brown rice has! 



Do you eat out often? The body is lacking in energy from all the heavy salt and grease used in restaurant cooking? Tenno Haiga Rice is your alternative choice to bring balanced nutrition to your diet.  Unlike brown rice that may be too hard and dry to chew, haiga rice is soft and flavourful while keeping most of the nutrients from the rice husk.  It is the perfect rice to maintain a balanced diet. 
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