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Taiwan Plum Complex Enzyme 750ml (台灣梅子綜合酵素)

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Plum synthesis enzyme
Special emphasis is placed on the valuables. The raw materials are all cultivated from the clean soil of the farm. In different seasons, different plants have wild, some are cultivated, and everything is full of energy. Each raw material has different fermentation time, and each classification is completed. It is made by mixing drops of liquid, which is delicious, delicious and has the same effect.
Collecting and extracting Pugongying, Erhuangsong, Wuyesong, Zhenbai, Baihe Ganoderma lucidum, Houttuynia cordata, Xianfeng grass, wild donkey, pasture, goosegrass, peanut stem, perilla stem, Xiaojinying, green papaya, papaya, dragon fruit Main materials such as citrus, winter melon, sweet potato, carrot, cabbage, kale, broccoli, white broccoli, rape, nightshade, mustard, toon, cactus flower, a little red, etc.
High anti-oxidation, alkalinized body, essential skin supplements.
– Drink 40 plant extracts at a time
– Fermentation for 3 years, alkalizing and strengthening resistance
– Effective detoxification, redistributing the body
How to eat:
Fasting before meals, 30ml diluted with cold water for brewing, 1-2 times! Can not use hot water, always add, improve physical fitness.
Be sure to refrigerate after opening to keep the active enzyme inside.
Origin: Taiwan
Capacity: 750ml