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Saint Benoit Ermite Cheese 130g

Saint Benoit Ermite Cheese 130g

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Bleu l'Ermite (lit. Blue Hermit) is a Canadian cheese produced by Benedictine monks of the Saint-Benoît Abbey since 1943. This is Canada's first blue cheese, and today its production is overseen by Sylvain Pruneau. The cheese is made from cow's milk and ages for about 60 days.

During the period, the mold forms on the cheese, while the inside is lightly veined with blue-green mold. Underneath the moist and thin greyish rind, the texture is creamy and crumbly, while the flavors are mild, mushroomy, nutty, and slightly tangy.
The aromas are grassy and herbal, with hints of cellars. It's recommended to serve the cheese on a cheese platter with pears, walnuts, and figs. It can also be crumbled over salads and soups. Pair it with a glass of Riesling or Syrah.

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