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Orinko Siwak Natural Toothbrushes x2

Orinko Siwak Natural Toothbrushes x2

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Miswak for natural teeth cleaning and whitening

Miswak is a natural root that can be used for teeth cleaning and replaces conventional toothbrushes, which are often made of plastic. Miswak alone replaces toothbrushes and toothpaste, it cleans and disinfects your teeth, gums and tongue. It also whitens teeth.

The use of Miswak is recommended by the WHO

Multiple scientific studies have been conducted on the composition of Miswak, and the WHO recognizes its benefits. Miswak contains molecules that clean and whiten teeth, strengthen gums, eliminate bad breath, and prevent cavities and gingivitis.


Other researches have shown that Miswak contains :


Silicin (helps with dental plaque removal and stain reduction)

Fluorine (helps reducing the formation of cavities)

Vitamin C (accelerates the healing of small lesions)


Replacing plastic toothbrushes

Miswak replaces plastic toothbrushes, which generate tons of waste every year, as they are hard to recycle. It can also replace toothpaste, requires very little water and its natural material can be composted, making it an excellent zero waste alternative for brushing your teeth while respecting the planet.


Miswak, a natural and sustainable solution

Siwak is a root coming from the wood of the Arak tree (Salvadora persica), which can grow up to 6 or 7 meters tall. It grows in arid and desert areas, particularly in the Middle East and Asia, where it is found in abundance, enabling us to harvest it without deforestation.

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