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Nordic Native Pristine Pure Epax Omega-3 120caps

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NNP Omega 3 product is based on Nordic's purest and highest concentrate Omega 3 fish oil in natural form of TGN, clinically proven with all major certifications. 90% plus concentrate of Omega 3,meaning 90% + of the 500mg fatty acid capsule is Omega 3 ingredients of EPA+ DHA in triglyceride form. With the leading proprietary processing technology in the industry, NNP's ePax Omega 3 is the number one and Ultimate choice, based on clinical evidences to satisfy the human body's needs of Omega 3. All fish oil and processing management practices are Eco-Vision with sustainable goal and parameters. 

✔️GOED omega-3 Proud member

✔️REACH compliance

✔️GMP compliance

✔️HACCP Certified

✔️ISO 14001 Certified

✔️FDA Certified

✔️Health Canada Certified

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Exp: 03/2025