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NannoPad Natural Organic Super Pads 20ct

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NannoPad Super

Menstrual Pads



No harmful chemicals

Absorbent and breathable

No fragrance or deodorant

No dyes or chlorine bleach

Helps to minimize odour and bacteria

Naturally relieves menstrual discomfort

Comfort provided by OCS-certified organic cotton

Ultra-thin triple layers and wings prevent side leakage

Recommended by Dermatologist and Urogynecologist

Non-toxic, using adhesive with no fluorescent whitening chemicals

Layer 1

USDA standard, OCS 100 grade certified organic cotton sided with Triple-layer non-woven wings to prevent from side leakage.


Layer 2

Layer of all-natural Nannogenic material.


Layer 3

Air-laid natural plant cellulosic fiber with no bleaching prevents flow from leaking.


Layer 4

Ultra absorbent high-polymer material (the same material used in baby diapers) with high penetration firmly locks in.


Layer 5

Air-laid natural plant cellulosic fiber with no bleaching, prevents flow penetration.


Layer 6

Breathable back sheet film that helps ventilate.


Layer 7

Leading edge German Henkel adhesive, fluorescer free.


Contains: 20 super, 330mm/12.99”, 180ml of absorption