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Liesse Chocolate Dark Chocolate Mediterranean Sea Salt No Sugar Chocolate Bar - 80g

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Subtle but not low-key, this mediterranean sea salt hits the spot. A gratifying bite that can’t be forgotten.


DARK CHOCOLATE AND SEA SALT - 3 bars of rich dark chocolate and Mediterranean sea salt -- a perfect blend of rich and savory, guaranteed to invigorate the palate and satisy your cravings.

TRY FOR YOURSELF - We could tell you about the pure joy of biting into our delightful, no sugar added chocolate (the result of decades spent handcrafting from exquisite ingredients). We could even promise you'll see every blissful bite, but words can only go so far -- you need to try (and savor) for yourself!

NO SUGAR ADDED! Maintain your keto-friendly lifestyle or keep your sugar levels in check as you savor delicious, sugar free chocolates.

SHARE OR INDULGE - Enjoy a premium, delicious creamy milk chocolate bar with NO added sugar. We sweeten our chocolates with stevia - a natural sweetener made form the leaves of the stevia plant.

SKILLED CHOCOLATIER - Since 1985, Liesse Chocolatier (by Galerie au Chocolat) has been producing premium chocolates and confections for the North American market. By using only the finest of ingredients, we have no need to add anything artificial to our products. You deserve chocolate made with the finest ingredients and with NO added oils, emulsifiers, preservatives or flavors. The proof is in the taste that will keep you coming back.