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Kimature White Jade Orchid Bed Spray & Body Mist-150ml

Kimature White Jade Orchid Bed Spray & Body Mist-150ml

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Relaxing, Calming, Invigorating energy, Promote Restful Sleep & Meditation, Authentic Floral Scent

White Jade Orchid considered a symbol of oriental beauty, purity, spiritual growth, great love and perseverance in Far East. As the white fragrant flowers open up at night and close at sunrise, the White Jade Orchid is also a symbol of peace and solitude. It is the localized flower in Hong Kong and its relaxing truly graceful White Jade Orchid scent is the favourite scent of Ethnic Chinese and even Asians.

* This product does not contain alcohol, artificial colouring, artificial fragrance, silicone, paraben and SLS.
* For best results, spray onto bed, pillow and all textiles or your skin. 
* Apply with desired amount from neck to toes, concentrating on elbows, knees and feet. Apply again if necessary. 

Advice: Before applying every time, we recommend you to apply a small amount on skin near to ears and wrist area for a while to check its compatibility with your skin. 

* Gluten Free, Suitable for Vegetarian/ Vegan.




* For external use only. Avoid wounds.
* In case of contact with eyes, rinse them immediately with warm water.
* Please discontinue use if allergy or irritation occurs and seek medical advice if symptoms persist.
* Keep in cool and dry place and avoid direct sun exposure
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