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Hope Eco Farms – Water Buffalo Yogurt Plain (450g)

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HOPE's Buffalo Milk Yogurt is made with milk from grass-fed, free-roaming water buffalo on their farms in Aylmer, ON. Made fresh each week by the HOPE Artisan's Dairy.

The water-buffalo yogurt is made from 100% whole water buffalo milk, it's not homogenized, and no added thickeners, binding agents, or "gums" are used.


Buffalo milk yogurt is thick, rich, and dense. The texture is similar to a Greek-style yogurt, but the buffalo milk yields a sweeter, milder flavour than cow's milk yogurts.


Ingredients: Pasteurized Water Buffalo Milk, Bacterial Cultures.


H.O.P.E Eco-Farms

Hope Eco-Farms is a cooperative of Amish farmers in Aylmer, Ontario. They grow a number of different certified organic crops every year, from squash and corn, to kale, peppers, and heirloom tomatoes. In addition to their produce, Hope also has water buffalo who produce delicious dairy products, and they have a few small flocks of hens on pasture. They sell their eggs under the Green Meadows Small Flocks Delight brand.