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Hong Kong Tigermark Black Buckwheat Tea 240g

Hong Kong Tigermark Black Buckwheat Tea 240g

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Black tartary buckwheat is a kind of tartary buckwheat from the pollution-free mountainous area above 2500 meters above sea level in Yunnan. It is a whole germ and has a natural original flavor. The black pearls are soft and delicious, and the taste is more mellow! There is a certain difference between black tartary buckwheat and tartary buckwheat tea. The bioflavonoids, rutin, amino acids and other substances contained in it are much higher than sweet buckwheat, which is very helpful for the prevention of three highs. ​


1. Anti-oxidation, scavenging free radicals

2. Protect the liver and enhance immunity

3. Buckwheat contains a large amount of selenium, a trace element. Selenium can enhance the body's antibodies and help fight chronic diseases.

4. Effectively help maintain a healthy level

Brewing method: Put 1 black buckwheat tea into a cup, pour it into boiling water (about 300ml), soak for 3 minutes and then drink it. It can be brewed several times and the buckwheat grains are also edible.


黑苦蕎是雲南海拔2500米以上無污染高山區的苦蕎麥, 是整粒胚芽 ,天然原味,黑珍珠粒粒軟糯可口,味道更香味醇厚!,黑苦蕎跟苦蕎茶有一定的區別,所含有的生物類黃酮、蘆丁,氨基酸等等物質較甜蕎麥高出很多,對預防三高症很有幫助。​
功效:1. 抗氧化,清除自由基 2. 保護肝臟,增強免疫力3. 蕎麥含大量的硒這種微量元素,硒能增強人體內抗體,有助抗頑症。
4, 有效幫助維持健康的水平

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