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✅ Holista Low Glycemic Linguini 397g

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  • DELICIOUS traditional pasta taste without the worry or guilt of spiking blood sugar! PLANT BASED ingredients and HEALTHY SLOWLY DIGESTED GOOD CARBS.
  • HELPS CONTROL WEIGHT. Keeps you feeling fuller longer. Provides sustained energy. The pasta that doesn’t bloat you. See how good it makes you feel.
  • DIETITIAN APPROVED. Has O g SUGAR, 3g FIBER, 8g PROTEIN per serving, Contains healthy phytonutrients, okra, lentils, fenugreek and barley. Non GMO, KOSHER, HALAL.
  • DIABETIC FRIENDLY certified with a Low Glycemic Index of 38 + Follows dietary guidelines of American Heart Association, American Diabetes Association and Diabetes Canada.
  • COOKS IN JUST 3 MINUTES and has the same great taste and texture of traditional pastas your family loves. KID-APPROVED! Great value with 21 servings per box @ 61 cents per serving with coupon. If you are not 100% SATISFIED let us know!