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Goat Cheeses Crottin de Chèvre Germain 60g

Goat Cheeses Crottin de Chèvre Germain 60g

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This Crottin de Chèvre is the fruit of Germain's know-how. Made in France in the Center-Val de Loire region, renowned for the quality of its goat milks.

It has a beautiful natural white rind and made from pasteurized cow's milk. It has a smooth texture and a white paste.

Dry, this cheese can have hazelnuts aromas. Aged, it becomes surprisingly creamy. Light taste and seasonal in spring, it has a more pronounced flavour in the falls production.

FLAVOR: Slightly acidic it has a rich buttery creaminess and a caprine taste. HOW TO

ENJOY: Perfect addition to your cheese board, serve it as is with a glass of fruity white wine.

Ingredients : Pasteurised goat's milk (Origin: France), goat milk proteins, cultures, salts, animal rennet.

Product of France

60 g
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