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Eden Toasted Sesame Oil 148 mL

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Toasted Sesame Oil

  • Kosher
  • Non GMO
  • Gluten Free
  • Sodium Free

The secret flavor and aroma of Far East cooking. Made from whole roasted tan sesame seed, unrefined and expeller pressed. Ideal for seasoning steamed vegetables, and preparing stir-fries, sauces, marinades, dressings, and vinaigrettes. Sesamol and sesamin, antioxidants in sesame, are natural preservatives making it a very shelf-stable unrefined oil. Amber glass protected. Functional dispenser cap and refillable.

EDEN Toasted Sesame Oil also known as 'dark' or 'Oriental' sesame oil, has a distinctive nutty flavor that complements most foods. Its appetizing fragrance and rich taste make it a highly prized seasoning. Use EDEN Toasted Sesame Oil as you would other cooking oils. Toasted sesame oil enhances the flavor of rice, noodles, tofu, fish, and vegetables. Try in your next stir fry.

To make EDEN Toasted Sesame Oil whole sesame seeds are cleaned, slowly roasted in a rotary kiln to unlock their flavor and aroma, then placed in a screw or expeller press to extract the oil. This is gently filtered, then bottled in amber glass. Nitrogen flushed before capping to protect and preserve its nutrients, flavor, and integrity.

EDEN Toasted Sesame Oil contains 5g monounsaturated and 6g polyunsaturated fatty acids, and is cholesterol free. Sesamol and sesamin, naturally occurring antioxidants found in sesame seeds and sesame oil, make unrefined sesame oil especially nourishing, and they act as a natural preservative as well. One of the most shelf stable unrefined vegetable oils. Provides 52mg omega 3, 6130mg omega 6, and 5295mg omega 9 essential fatty acids (EFAs) per 1 tablespoon serving.

Sesame Sesamum indicum is a treasured herb native to Indonesia and Africa. It has been widely grown in tropical and subtropical Asia and in the Mediterranean region for thousands of years. The first known cultivation of sesame is occurred around 3,000 B.C. in the Middle East, and 1,600 B.C. in Egypt. The Egyptians are credited with being the inventors of sesame oil. Sesame seeds were introduced to Japan around 645 to 793 A.D. by Buddhist priests from Korea and China. Sesame oil production in Japan was recorded during the Heian Period (794 to 1191 A.D.).

Sesame plants grow about two to five feet and produce pretty purple cone shaped flowers. There are several varieties of the sesame plant that produce creamy white, brown, black, and red seeds. When ready for harvest the seeds are encased in a protective hard shell that rattles with its precious contents. The entire plant is cut off at the base of the stem and stacked in an upright position against racks and allowed to dry. While drying the capsules that hold the seed split open. The plant is turned upside down and the seeds drop onto a cloth.

It is best to avoid commercial vegetable oil that is heated above its boiling point, treated with the solvent hexane, washed with sodium hydroxide, and chemically bleached and deodorized at 400 degrees F. For delicious and nutritious unrefined oils, choose EDEN.

EDEN Toasted Sesame Oil is the secret flavor and aroma of Oriental cooking. Ideal for seasoning steamed vegetables, as a marinade, in a stir fry, dressing or vinaigrette. A great salad oil too. Try with Roasted Asparagus Spears, in this site's recipe section.