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Divine Essence Organic Rose Otto Extra 100% Bulgaria

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Like a hard-won romance, distilling the essential oil of Rose is time-consuming and costly: it takes 4 tons of rose petals to produce only 1kg of the essential oil.

Rose essential oil 100% pleasantly perfumes homemade beauty products. It is often used in perfumery to make floral fragrances and is known for its rich, opulent, flowery scent.

玫瑰精油又稱精油之後,的確也是非常女性的一款精油,就不說眾所周知的皮膚回春效用了。女人皮膚好跟生殖系統健康恐怕也脫不了關係,它是不錯的荷爾蒙補充劑,解除經前緊張,促進陰道分泌,調節月經週期。最重要的是它抗憂鬱,接觸它時會有瞬間轉換情緒的效果。玫瑰精油又稱精油之後,的確也是非常女性的一款精油,要不是價格驚人,每個女生都該有一瓶自己的玫瑰精油,即使只有 5ml 也好。