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Celtic Sea Salt Organic Smoked Applewood Salt 85 grams

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Ingredients: Celtic Sea Salt® Organic Applewood.

Storage: Cool, dry place.

Celtic Sea Salt Organic Smoked Applewood Salt

The flavors in our new Organic Seasoned Salts are as distinctive and delicious as the romance behind each artisan blend... We chose only the highest quality ingredients to compliment our Celtic Sea Salt®.* Herbs are harvested on a family farm home to 20 acres of certified organic crops in Northern California.* The warm weather and marine-influence of the Pacific coast provide the mineral-rich clay soil which results in herbs grown with intense, distinctive flavors, colors and fragrances.*

Our popular smoked salt is an aromatic and flavorful sensation that will excite your taste buds⬠¦ Tended for 60 hours over a slowly smoldering fire, the salt is full of the sweet and smoky flavor of orchard-grown, Red Rome Beauty apple-wood.* Try it in a rub for your next barbecue, or mix with potato or tuna salad. Try our Organic Applewood Smoked Seasoned Celtic Sea Salt® Blend to bring the taste of outdoor cooking to any dish!