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Butter Isigny AOP Salted Basket Size 225 g

Butter Isigny AOP Salted Basket Size 225 g

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The fame of Isigny butter dates back to the XVI century. A while later, in the XIX century, the Parisian population consumed almost 800,000 kg per year of the butter.

How do we explain the fact that Isigny butter is a gourmet favourite? It's simple! The Isigny region has a warm and humid climate, is in close proximity to the ocean and benefits from the Bessin and Cotentin marshes. The cows therefore feed on grass that is rich in iodine, beta-carotene and micronutrients.

The quality of Isigny butter reflects all these natural advantages: it is impossible to confuse it with any other butter. It is yellow like buttercups, it has a faint taste of hazelnuts and it is rich in vitamin A. All these qualities were noted in the Appellation d'Origine Controle specification, which has existed since 1986.

FLAVOUR: The reduction in salt highlights the authentic taste of the butter made with premium quality milk. The fatty texture is silky and has a smooth finish.

HOW TO SAVOUR: Go to the Isigny Ste-Mère website to find recipes and ways to enjoy this wonderful butter! The fine chocolate with Jasmine tea cream will convince you that everything is better with REAL butter!

Ingredients: cream from pasteurized cow’s milk, salt (2%), lactic starters
Product of France
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