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Alteya Organic Rose Bud Tea 80g

Alteya Organic Rose Bud Tea 80g

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Our Organic Whole Rose Buds are 100% organically grown and hand-picked directly from Alteya’s family rose farm, located in the heart of the Bulgarian Rose Valley. The fresh rose buds are harvested when they are young, always before sunrise, to preserve the true complexity of the rose fragrance. The unique geographic and climatic location of our organic rose fields, makes our Rosa Damascena rare and precious, bursting with over 300 aromatic and beautifying constituents.

Our organic Whole Rose Buds have gentle, refreshing and sweet aroma. They make mild, balanced, lightly sweet herbal tea, with smooth floral aroma. Rose bud tea is rich in Vitamin C, B, K, polyphenols and essential antioxidants that help achieve healthy looking skin and more youthful appearance. Rose bud tea is said to have overall cleansing and balancing effect on the body. It is also known to invoke feelings of joy and happiness and set a romantic mood.

Our organic Whole Rose Buds make a beautiful addition to various cosmetic, culinary creations and herbal potpourris.  Roses have been valued for their beauty, fragrance, and health-promoting benefits for hundreds of years.

Our Organic Whole Rose Buds are free from chemicals, pesticide residues, artificial coloring, or flavoring.

Naturally caffeine free.

Rose buds do not always remain pink after the drying process – color can vary from dusty rose to beige to brown. Store in dry and cool place away from direct sunlight.


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