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Aiya Organic Genmaicha Match tea 15 tea bags

Aiya Organic Genmaicha Match tea 15 tea bags

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Aiya's Organic Matcha Infused Genmaicha features bold, nutty notes, and is packaged into convenient pyramid tea bags. 



High-grade Genmaicha, with its crisp, bright notes and nutty toasted brown rice, is enveloped in sweet, earthy Matcha for a wholesome, well-rounded impression. Our Genmaicha is made with spring harvest Sencha leaves, for a more sophisticated taste with less astringency. Featuring lower levels of caffeine than our other varietals, this tea performs well after a meal, or as a satisfying indulgence all by itself.

The Aiya Tea Taster's Line is a collection of USDA Certified Organic, authentic Japanese green teas, carefully selected for bringing the rich history of Japanese green teas to the American market. The Tea Taster's Line offers these exclusive collections in pyramid tea bags for a better brewing experience.

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