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Acropolis Organics - Mousto Balsamic Vinegar, 250 mL

Acropolis Organics - Mousto Balsamic Vinegar, 250 mL

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Created from an ancient recipe, Acropolis Organics Mousto Balsamic Vinegar is made from Romeiki grapes to deliver a taste as rich and dynamic as Crete's history and culture.

It is aged in oak barrels for 6 years and enhanced with Petimezi - a natural, ancient grape molasses, which gives it a full fruity sweetness.

No added sugar, caramel or corn syrup.

The refined chef's choice ingredient, Mousto Balsamic will transform your salads, vegetables, meats and seafood dishes into culinary works of art.

Organic Agriculture - We do not use pesticides, chemicals, GMO ingredients or practice industrial farming. 100% natural, this product is free from preservatives, additives and dyes.

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