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100% Pure Noni Enzyme 500ml - NO SUGAR

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Naturally fermented with 300 seeds, the fermentation time is more than half a year.
Noni is rich in vitamins and minerals:
Vitamin C – promotes the absorption of calcium and iron and improves immunity
Vitamin E - helps to replenish body water and nutrients, slows cell aging, and maintains skin and hair health
Glutathione – helpful
Excrete toxins from the body
Protect the liver and promote liver detoxification
Alleviate allergies
Improve vision, prevent eye diseases and degeneration
Antioxidant, promote metabolism and slow down aging
Beta-carotene – helps prevent cardiovascular disease and ailments
Melatonin – helps improve sleep quality and soothes nervousness
How to eat:
Empty stomach 30ml, 1-2 times a day