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Stay Raw Organic Rice Shaped Konjac 270g

Stay Raw Organic Rice Shaped Konjac 270g

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Made of all-natural organic materials, suitable for vegetarians, gluten-free, and suitable for people with eczema. Made from konjac, it contains no carbohydrates and fat, is low in calories, and is rich in fiber. It is a substitute for ordinary rice. Refreshing taste. Usage: Fished, stir-fried, or souped.

Usage: After unpacking, pour out the water inside, rinse with water and then cook it for normal consumption.

 0 carbs

 gluten free

 0 fat

 sugar free

Suitable for ketogenic, weight loss and people concerned about blood sugar.

This product can be stored at room temperature. Do not place it in a freezing location at or below zero.


 Ingredients: water, organic powder, citric acid

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