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Daoom Organic Kale Powder 225g

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Daoom Kale Powder retains rich nutrition with a minus 40 degree freeze drying technique.
More than beef
More calcium than milk
10 times more vitamin C than spinach
1. It is called one of the foods with the highest nutritional density but has a very low calorie. It is known as the best vegetable for the human body.
2. Kale Kale, is a very high antioxidant & anti-inflammatory nutrient
3. Kale is rich in fiber, and only 100 grams of kale can provide 6 grams of fiber.
High-fiber diet can effectively help diabetic patients to lower blood sugar, blood lipids, and control insulin secretion, and improve constipation.
4. The best source of kale Kale vitamin C
Kale is much higher than vitamin C in most other vegetables.
Kale per 1 calorie 10 times more vitamin C than spinach
5. Kale Kale can help stabilize cholesterol and reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease
6. Kale Kale is the best source of vitamin K. Vitamin K can effectively help the absorption of calcium, which is a major factor in bone maintenance.
If vitamins are lacking in the diet, when the bones are injured, they are prone to chipping or fracture.
7. Kale is a very high vitamin A (from beta-carotene) to prevent hair loss
8. Kale is a good source of minerals. Sufficient calcium content and magnesium.
9. Kale is rich in folic acid, so it is very good for the fetus except for enough calcium for pregnant women.
10. Kale is rich in leaf flavonoids, so it is also helpful for vision. It also helps cardiovascular.
Origin: South Korea
Capacity: 225g
Suggested use: Add 3 tablespoons (7g) of kale powder to 150~200ml of purified water and shake it to drink. 3 times a day.