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MadeGood Star Shaped Cheddar Cracker

MadeGood Star Shaped Cheddar Cracker

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Your favourite cheesy snack just got an upgrade! Need a quick and easy, on-the-go snack? Well, MadeGood has done it again. These snack packs are filled with the iconic and big 8 allergen-free puffed crackers we all know and love. These gluten-free and vegan crackers are a hit with many. Now, they come in convenient and transportable snack packs. They really are something easy and delicious for the kids to bring for lunch. Road trip snacks? We think so.

These organic crackers are baked and never fried. By baking these crackers, it gives them a crispy and tasty exterior while the cheesy goodness is locked up in every bite. Free from common allergens, these crackers are a delight that many can enjoy. See why so many approve of these crackers. Try some today! MadeGood, made tasty. 

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