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Land Art B-Complex Zen Pomegranate 500mL

Land Art B-Complex Zen Pomegranate 500mL

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B-Complex Zen 


Complete and balanced B-group vitamins, with extracts of hops, chamomile and Moringa to help relieve stress. Sugar free.

The B-Complex Zen formula contains all of the benefits of a well-balanced vitamin B complex, specifically adapted with added hops, chamomile and Moringa, all known to help relieve stress. It helps the body to metabolize nutrients (lipids, carbohydrates or proteins), and maintain optimum health.

B-group vitamins are indispensable and complementary, which is why a complete formula is so important. Land Art’s B-Complex Zen unique formula contains optimal concentrations, is more efficient and easier to assimilate than most other brands.

B vitamins are generally known to:

  • Help to relieve stress;
  • Be antioxidants that help maintain good health;
  • Help in the renewal of red blood cells;
  • Help to metabolize lipids, carbohydrates and proteins;
  • Help in the formation of tissue;
  • Help in the development and maintenance of bones, cartilage, teeth and gums;
  • Promote healing to prevent scarring;
  • Help to decrease the risks of neural tube defects, when taken daily, before or at the beginning of pregnancy;
  • Help to sleep.
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