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✅ Kimature White Jade Orchid Facial Cleansing Gel-100ml

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White Jade Orchid contains linalool, which can boost blood circulation, accelerate cellular metabolism, dissolve melanin, fade dark spots and pimple marks, inhibit pimples, black and white heads and give you glowing, pure, white and smooth skin. 

White Jade Orchid Facial Cleansing Gel can balance oily skin and moisturize dry skin, reach into the pores and remove oil and dirt in your skin totally. After washing, your skin is supple and silky, without feeling tight. It improves skin radiance and minimizes the chance of sensitivity and redness. 

Soothing, Calming, Hydrating                        

Authentic Floral Scent

White Jade Orchid considered a symbol of oriental beauty, purity, spiritual growth, great love and perseverance in Far East. As the white fragrant flowers open up at night and close at sunrise, White Jade Orchid is also a symbol of peace and solitude. It is the localized flower in Hong Kong and its relaxing truly graceful scent is the favourite scent of Ethnic Chinese and even Asians.

Main Ingredients: Distilled Water, Fresh White Jade Orchid Extract Powder*, Coconut Soap, Sodium Alginate 
*Hong Kong Local Farmer 

白蘭花醒神舒壓潔臉凝膠液 ,能有平衡油性部位、滋潤乾燥部位的作用,深入毛孔徹底清潔多餘油脂、污垢洗後肌膚彈嫩不緊繃,提升肌膚光感,大大減低皮膚敏感泛紅的機會。

使用方法 :  先以暖水濕面,擠出兩下潔臉凝膠液在掌心,順時針打圈輕柔按摩臉部至 一分鐘,避免入眼。然後再以冷水洗淨,既可潔臉,避免過份洗走油份而出現繃緊。

主要成份:蒸餾水、新鮮白蘭花萃取粉*、椰子油皂、海藻萃取粉 *香港本地農夫