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Hatch El Diviso Anaerobic Natural Ombligon

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Another lesser known variety, ombligon had recently gained some popularity on the world stage. Australian barista champ Jack Simpson had used the ombligon from El Diviso to place third in the 2023 World Barista Competition.


Ombligon is a Spanish word that roughly translates to ‘belly button’, highlighting the shape of this coffee. Producers believe its characteristics suggest this variety may be a natural mutation of Ethiopian origin. Thus far, this variety is only grown in the Huila region, but should gradually move out as it gains more popularity.


This coffee is an anaerobic natural processed lot that underwent multi-stage fermentations. The cherries were allowed to oxidize for 40 hours before the first round of anaerobic fermentation for 40 hours. Afterwards, the coffee is moved back into an aerobic environment to further oxidize for 20 hours before another 28 hour round of anaerobic fermentation in mossto. Finally, the coffee undergoes thermal shock at 65-70°C before moving on to the drying process.


As a coffee with high flavour intensity, it can benefit from slightly longer brew ratios. This coffee has a lovely body and texture!