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Daikō Sōyu

✅Daikō Sōyu Tamari (Thick Soy Sauce) 150ml

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Soy Sauce Family

Daikō Shōyu, Kinomoto, Japan

2.5 years in Japanese cedar barrels
Soy:Wheat Ratio

Tasting notes
This thick soy sauce is characterized by a deep black caramel colour with brick coloured reflections. The nose is floral, with aromas of smoked bacon, molasses and black liquorice. The attack is rather sweet, with a long finish in the mouth.

Tamari, with its thicker texture and rich taste, goes particularly well with sashimi and red meats. Its addition at the end of the preparation of your dishes will enhance the taste and add complexity. Surprise your guests by including it in the preparation of your desserts, such as in salted caramel.