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Daikō Sōyu

✅Daikō Sōyu Haizakura (Dark Soy Sauce) 150ml

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Soy Sauce Family



Daikō Shōyu, Kinomoto, Japan


 2 years in Japanese cedar barrels

Soy:Wheat Ratio

Tasting Notes

Reddish brown with copper reflections, the nose of this soy sauce is characterized by floral aromas, with notes of black honey and caramelized sweet potato. This soy sauce is rather long in the mouth with a persistent sweet-umami taste.


Haizakura is the ultimate all-purpose soy sauce. It is a wonderful replacement for the commercial soy sauce in your kitchen. It is ideal for dipping your sushi, marinating your vegetables and meat, as well as adding depth to your salad dressings.