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ANTONIO ROMERO Caramelized Pecan Nuts 170g

ANTONIO ROMERO Caramelized Pecan Nuts 170g

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ANTONIO ROMERO Productos Españoles is the new brand of premium Spanish products developed by Antonio Romero Casado, President, and Founder of ARC IBERICO IMPORTS and JAMONERIA by ARC.


Antonio has used his expertise in bringing the best Spanish products to the Canadian market with ARC Iberico Imports, to create a brand that represents his journey through the thousands of delicacies from Spain that he personally tasted and selected for you.


A brand that breathes quality and authenticity, an expert tradition in the process, and Antonio's passion to bring only the best Spanish product to you.


Delicious and with a flavor that hooks, these nuts are the latest recipe for success.


The pecan variety is used because the result is an unmistakable flavor.




It is important to store them in a sealed container in a cool, dry place. They can be kept in the fridge or freezer if you're trying to lengthen their shelf life.




Caramelized pecan nuts can be eaten alone, with coffee or to give a touch of distinction to certain dishes or desserts. They also combine spectacularly with signature Spanish cheeses or give a special touch to different salads.




Pecan nuts (94.5%), sugar (5%), and sunflower oil (0.5%).




Small jar of 170g nuts.

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